What is YouTube - How to earn money through YouTube?

What is YouTube - How to earn money through YouTube?

What is YouTube -  How to earn money through YouTube?

What is YouTube - How to earn money through YouTube?

What is YouTube?

Before knowing how to earn money through YouTube, we will know what is YouTube. YouTube is the world's largest video share platform and YouTube website is also a part of Google. To earn  from YouTube  videos, three important points are very important to understand. (1) viewers (2) advertisers (3) creators

(1) Viewers of Videos

If you are dreaming to earn money from YouTube First of all, your video content should be attracting more and more people. The presentation of video, video quality, and length of video are significant, because every time viewers leave a video watching halfway due to no good picture clarity. And sometimes it happens that the description and presentation of the topic is so lengthy that the viewers become bored and start turning to the other video. So if you are uploading a YouTube video, the length of the video is limited. maintain visual and sound quality, and keep the language simple used with video.

(2) Video Advertisers

Advertisers are those people who want to reach out their product to audience, that is, they want to reach the maximum information of the product to their audience. Generally any viewers will not waste time in watching advertise only . Imagine a T20 match per over .30 sec advertise and the wicket dropped 1.00 minutes and the strategy time was 2.5 minutes and inning broke to 15 minutes, now in 3.30 hours of program 30 minute to 40 minute is paid advertisement

Will you see so much advertise continuously on any channel? No But the LIVE program T20 match is coming up. That is the main attraction. For that, viewers tune-in on a large amount of channels, and the same thing is that advertisers display their products in between the valuable content, and likewise, on YouTube, advertisers advertise their product in the valuable content of creators, and give revenue share to creators instead of that advertise.

(3) YouTube Video Creators

Creativity means the art, if any person has knowledge of any field and he feels that the thing should be sent to others, then this is possible through YouTube. Because YouTube's viewer base is huge and YouTube is the world's largest video share platform.

The Creator only has to raise his good quality and clarity mobile camera or handy cam and upload his creativity video on YouTube, and then put it in the monetize process. And share information with your friends and social network groups.

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Video quality options

You are given different download option by YouTube to download any video in the search bar of YouTube. The reason for doing so is that sometimes the user has limited data and the user has to look at that low quality video, so in this way, even in less internet data usage, users can see valuable information video. And sometimes it happens that due to the slow internet connection you can not get YouTube video load, so the winning file will be as good as that.

Offline Video Watching - Download YouTube Video 

Whenever you play YouTube online, then your internet data is used and if you did not fully understand the full video or you liked the video that you want to see the same video again, then you will again When playing video, continuously data is spent.

But now YouTube has started the offline video service and making this trouble easier. Once the video is running, pressing the offline mode tab will re-play the video again when re-playing the video. That is, any time when you play video, no data will be spent on it.

YouTube Video Monetization  - How to Earn Money from YouTube

If you have any unique talent, or there is information that can be useful to other people, by sharing that information on YouTube, you can become famous, but together with your creativity Money can also earn.

YouTube advertise styles -

You can also be shown in the full screen before advertise main video on YouTube videos, and even with content play, it can be shown in the subtitle place below. There is an option to advertise close at the corner of every advertise. And if advertise is shown in the beginning of the video, then after 5 seconds, the option to skip normally advertise is set.

How to Set YouTube Channel for monetizing process-

Step - 1 - Register your account on YouTube

Register your account first on YouTube, and if you have a gmail account, then the same account is enough for Google, gmail, YouTube, Google drive, Google Adsense, etc .. Google sites. For this reason, first of all log on to YouTube with your ID.

Step - 2 - Channel Setting

Go to Channels settings and go to the monetization option and you will be able to do your video monetization when your video will meet the three main conditions issued by Google.

A - Copyright strike - Come to any published copy right content

B - Community guidelines - Can not upload hate speech, any caste, gender, character, offensive material offensive material for the community. Giving wrong information to the people, uploading the wrong content does not allow all of Google's monetizing policy.

C - Content ID claims - The main declaration of this point is that, the uploaded video of you is your creativity - not copy of another, 100% original, and you own the content yourself.

If your uploaded video meets the above three conditions Then there will be a screen with details of Google adsense with 3 green marks

Step - 3 Apply for Google Adsense YouTube Partner Program

If you have Google's adsense account, you will be able to attach it comfortably. And if you do not have Google adsense account, then you have to apply for it. And when your adsense account will be approved for YouTube, then you will find that "your adsense account is approved and associated with YouTube"

Step - 4 YouTube Advertisement Options

After that, where you want to display advertise, details about this will be found in the Edit option, where you have to click the monetization tab. And the blank box is tick. (Monetize my video). Here, when to play advertisement video. before you start the video, with video, or after end of video.

Step - 5 - Manage Your YouTube Channel

In your video manager option, you will find a list of all your videos.You will also be able to see how many views have been on your monetized videos, after having your video on air, there is a video link generated on the dashboard which you can share on public platforms, which can increase traffic on your video channel, and earn more revenue.