On Page SEO: Best Techniques for Beginners

On Page SEO: Best Techniques for Beginners 

On Page SEO- According to Search Engine Finding a Website is called On Page SEO because in On Page SEO we work inside our website. And the techniques we use to optimize our Website according to the Search Engine are called On Page SEO Techniques.

On Page SEO: Best Techniques for Beginners

Normally, two types of SEO are used within Blogging - On-Page SEO and Off Page SEO. With the help of both of these SEOs, we learn Techniques of Optimizing our Website / Blog according to Search Engine.

From which our website can easily rank on Search Engine and Show at the top in Search Result.

First we understand what is On Page SEO?

What is On Page SEO?

To create any website, we use different things inside the website such as: Text, Images, Headings, Zip Files, PDF Files, Videos etc, so that all kinds of things are available on our website and people can Visit our website to use.

But we have to do all these things according to Search Engine according to which our website can easily read Search Engine and show in Search Result because if our website does not show on Search Engine then there is no traffic on our website.

That is why we have to update everything according to Search Engine on our website, so that Search Engine can read our website and show it in Search Results.

What is On Page SEO Techniques?

When we use all the materials within our website to optimize Search Engine, the techniques used are called On Page SEO Techniques.

We have different types of content on our website and we have to use different techniques to optimize all those content.

On Page SEO Techniques

To  Optimize our Website On Page, we use Different Types of Techniques, which we are telling you in detail-

01- Post Title (Article Headline)

When we create our website we write a lot of articles inside that website and for all those articles, we also need Headlines on which we write our full article. Before writing headlines, we have to pay attention to some things.

1- Word Limitation
First of all, we should understand that how many words we have used in the headline that we are writing for our article, because if you use more words, the title of your article on Search Engine does not show complete, so the visitor does not know what you have written about in your article.

You can use Maximum "70 Words" in your Title to create a good Title Write. By writing more words to your title, your title does not show properly on the Search Engine.

2-Eye Catching Words
When we search anything on a topic on the internet, we have many results in front of us, but we always click on the same article, which has some popular and eye caatching words.

For example: How to, Complete, With Screen Shot, Top, Best, Tips etc. These are some of the words that draw our attention to ourselves and others. Therefore, writing such words in your title increases the chances of getting more Clicks.

3- Use Symbols
When we write an article above a topic, we have Keyword, sometimes there are articles written on Multi Keywords, and many times on Single Keyword, when we write Article above any Single Keywords, Inserting that Keyword in Startup and add some symbols after that which increases the density of your keyword and increases the chance of your article showing in the top. 

4- Do not Place Your Keyword in End of Title
Keyword is very important in the article, so if you put your Main Keyword at the end of the title then your Keyword does not give much value to your article, so whenever you write Title for your article, always try Your main keyword is in the beginning of your article, or on 2-3 number, which improves your Keyword's Importance and increases the chances of your article coming to the top in the Search Engine.

02-Heading Tags

Heading is very important for any article because with the help of Headings, you can increase the value of your article and you can also increase your keyword's volume by placing your keywords in the headings of your article.

On writing both articles on Blogger and WordPress, you get a different option for Heading, so that you can convert your words into heading.

Headings are also of 3 types in the article-

1- Main Heading (H1)

Inside the main heading, we write that heading on which we have the whole article base. For Example- Inside this article, we have created "Best On Page SEO Techniques" as the main heading of our article, because our full article explains this only.

2- Sub Heading (H2)

 Sub Heading always targets our main keyword and helps us clarify our article, and by using (H2) Heading we can focus more well on our Main Keywords.

3- Minor Heading (H3)

With Minor Heading, we can cover many things in which Main is Benefit of our article. for Example If you write an article on a topic, then what can be Benefit from reading about that topic or maybe this point we can explain well with H3 Heading.

In this way, you can use different Headings to make your article more attractive and useful, as well as using H1, H2, H3, Heading, you can also focus your keyword well.

03-Image Optimization

The main reason for optimizing the image is that search engine can not read the image so if we do not optimize our image, then our image remains confined to the look of our article, so by optimizing the image, we can upload our Image Can Make Readable for Search Engine

Another advantage of Optimizing Image is that when we optimize our image, we can also implement our Main Keyword inside our image, which increases the volume of our Keyword even further.

04- Keyword Density / Keyword Placement

Within any article, the Density of Keyword is very important because when you fix your Main Keyword on different places, then Search Engine is able to understand your Keyword and it will quickly convert your article to the results of the Search Engine.

05-Keyword Placement

Keyword Placement means place your Keyword in the right place. Placeing Keyword in all the main places within your article, Search Engine makes it easier to understand your keyword.

To place the keywords in the right place, you have to pay attention to these things-

  • Inside the Title, you must have a Main Keyword.
  • Your keyword should be inside H1, H2, H3 Heading.
  • Your Main Keyword should be at least 3-4 times inside the first paragraph of the article.
  • Your main keyword should be at least 2-3 times inside the second paragraph of the article.
  • By optimizing the image, you must also write your main keyword with your image.
  • Inside Permalink, you must definitely write your main keyword.
  • You must have at least 2-3 times your Main Keyword inside the Description Box.
  • To increase the density of the keyword, you can also write down your main keyword in the beginning of your article and also bold it.

06- Internal Links

With the help of Internal Links, you can add your other articles with your article. It creates a Network inside your website and any person visiting your blog can collect information about your other articles through the Available Internal Links within your article and also visit your other articles.

Therefore, with Internal Links, you can easily increase Traffic on your website. Also, by applying internal links, you can easily highlight your old articles from which you were not benefiting. Now you can easily highlight that article, which also increases the traffic on your article, and you can also get Profit from that article.

07-Meta Description

Meta Description in Article is used to explain in minimum words. Whenever we search for a topic on the Internet, we find three things about any article within the Result and we read them to get an idea of ​​what information we get inside the article. And how much that Result will be useful to us.

Therefore it is very important to write Meta Description for your article. Whenever you write an article about a topic, you must write a short description about that article so that when your article shows in the Search Result, people can read your description and understand what things Have Explain Inside Your Article

To write a Meta description, you should also have complete information about the limit of Meta Description, and within that limit, you write a Meta description for your article so that you can show your complete Description in Search Result and people can read it Easily and can understand.

You can use maximum 140 words. Therefore, there is a challenge in front of you that you have to write a description for your article within 140 words.

You can also use Online Tools to write Meta Description.

08- URL Structure (Permalink)

As we build our website, our website has a URL that allows anyone on the Internet to open our website. Just like when we publish an article on our website, then that article also has a URL through which anyone can open that article.

The URL of the article is also called Permalink. Permalink is the address through which anyone can access our article. Permalink should write according to your article so that you place your keywords in the permalink of your article, and the Density of your Keyword is improved.

When writing the permalink of an article, you should also keep in mind that you should write it as small as you can so that your article can get much space inside the search engine.

09- Meta Tag

Meta Tag is used to implement the Alternative Words in Your Main Keyword in your article. So when a user searches related words from your keyword on the Internet, your article will show in search Result, as well as your main keyword is also used within Meta Tag, so that the Density of your Keyword can be improved.

You can use the Labels Box to write Meta Tags with your article on the blogs created on Blogger.

To use Meta Tags on WordPress, you can use the Plugins such as All in One, SEO By yoast, and write Meta Tags with your article.

10-Page Loading Speed

For any website ranking, its Loading Speed ​​also Matter, to increase the loading speed of your website you can remove any widgets that have no more use or you will not be much benefited from them.

Because most Websites are Slow due to Widgets. Along with this there are some other main Points which you should notice so that your website's Loading Speed ​​will always be maintained-

  • Remove Un-Necessary Widgets
  • Do not upload Heavy Image to your article.
  • Do not upload GIF files to your article if they are too much size.
  • Uploading a YouTube video also makes a difference to your website's loading speed, so always try to not embed videos from YouTube with your article.
  • Uploading Video with an Article does not make much difference to your website's Loading Speed.
  • Do not use Unwanted Colors in your article, and also to change the font, it is better that you do not use Widgets when you select Template of your website, also check text font at the same time.

In Conclusion

In this article we have covered Total 10 Points and we have also tried to explain to you all the essentials of On Page SEO so that you can make your website well by On Page SEO on your website. and Optimize your website according to search engine.

Let me tell you that it is most important to keep in mind all the Points for On Page SEO, so you should try to understand all these Points, if you miss any point there may be chance that you can not able to rank your website. I hope you like this article .

Thank you
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